Each week an idea for a fast, easy and delicious dish or drink will be featured in a short cooking segment. Our initial concept and challenge is to share recipes that can be prepared in less than 10 minutes.  Some may stray a little beyond that timeframe so don’t pull out your stop watch to time us.  Just know that if we are featuring it, it must be pretty darn good!  Some of the dishes you may already be familiar with, some you may not have had since you were a child.  Our goal is to inspire you. 

We encourage your input and participation so please feel free to reach out to us to share your ideas for recipes and to win the chance to be featured as one of our Cyber-Cooks. (Click on "The Cooks" page for more details). 

For now we invite you to roam about the site, view the videos, connect with us via social media, send us your ideas, and last but not least come back often to watch us grow. 

"I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, 
I just ate."                                                                                                                       - Julia Child 
Hello! And welcome to…By No Means a Chef!

We sincerely appreciate you visiting our website.  If this is your first time visiting let me tell you a little bit about By No Means a Chef...what it means...where the concept came from... and what you can expect.

By No Means a Chef, is a website and mini cooking show where ideas for fast, easy and delicious recipes are shared. Every now and then we will feature actual cooks,chefs and food and beverage professionals, but for the most part the contributors to our show and to our site will by no means be chefs nor will the recipes always consist of food.  We plan to bring you some deliciously creative drink ideas as well.

Who is By No Means a Chef for?

Whether you are a busy mom on the go, a swinging single person that is sick of always eating out, or a teenager that is home alone, By No Means a Chef is for you.